United Nations Security Council Briefing and Consultation on Yeman



Let me begin by thanking Special Envoy Hans Grunberg and USG Martin Griffiths, for their briefings. At the outset, we note with regret the continuing inability of the parties to reach an agreement to extend the Truce in line with the proposal of the Special Envoy, since it elapsed early last month. We renew our appeal to the international community to take the necessary steps
to prevail on the parties to renew the Truce Agreement to forestall any possible escalation of military hostilities with its attendant consequences for civilian lives. Regional stakeholders with influence over the parties must leverage that relationship to get the parties to end the conflict and to take to the path of peace.

We condemn recent reports of attacks in the country, including the aerial attack against a vessel at Al-Dubba oil terminal in Hadramawt Governorate on 21st October, 2022, claimed by Ansar Allah. We remind the parties that any escalation of hostilities will reverse the marginal progress made under the Truce Agreement, and exacerbate the humanitarian situation in the country. We
therefore implore the parties, particularly, Ansar Allah, to refrain from actions that may derail the relative calm and tranquility that the people of Yemen have enjoyed in recent times.


It is imperative that the interest of the people of Yemen should reign supreme as the parties engage in negotiations. In this regard, as we welcome the continuing engagement of the Government of Yemen with the Special Envoy in his quest to extend the Truce, we urge the two parties, especially, Ansar Allah, to be flexible and to do so constructively in the spirit of compromise, towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict. On the humanitarian front, we call for continued international support to address the wide-spread food insecurity in Yemen that puts parts of the country’s population at high-risk of famine. There is the need to increase international support in that regard to help bridge the humanitarian funding gap to make food and other essential supplies reach all those in desperate need in the country.


We remain concerned about the fate of missing and detained humanitarian workers in the country and call for necessary information on their whereabouts and their immediate and unconditional release. As highlighted in today’s briefing, the danger posed by explosive remnants of war in Yemen, particularly in Hudayda, remains high. We are deeply concerned that notwithstanding the lull in hostilities, landmines continue to claim the lives of many Yemenis. We call for global concerted efforts to address the problem. It is regrettable that the continuing blockage of roads into and out of the city of Taiz remains one of the main sticking points of negotiations for the extension of the Truce. We call on the parties, particularly, Ansar Allah, to take immediate steps towards lifting the siege to help ease the suffering of the affected people.


On the issue of the Safer oil vessel, we commend all stakeholders who have made various contributions to enable the first phase of the operation to commence and call for expedited action by the UN and all those involved in the process to avert humanitarian and environmental disaster.


In conclusion, we entreat the parties to be flexible and to make the needed concessions to renew the Truce Agreement in the interest of all Yemenis.

I thank you for your attention.