UNSC Meeting: Renewal of Resolution on Cross-Border Delivery of aid into Syria



Mr. President,
Let me begin by thanking the penholders of the Syrian Humanitarian Resolution, Ireland and Norway for the valiant efforts they have made to accommodate the interest of all delegations on this important resolution that provides a lifeline of support to over 4.1 million Syrian people. The need for the Council to act in a manner that preserves the lives every Syrian is a responsibility that must be upheld at every moment. We therefore welcome the constructive approach that the penholders embraced to receive the inputs of all delegations to enhance the nature of humanitarian assistance required to alleviate the sufferings of millions of Syrians, who, through no fault of theirs, have been stripped of their right to decent and dignified living by the ongoing conflict, and regrettably, now have to depend on the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations for their basic needs.

Ghana’s support for the penholders text, which includes the renewal of the resolution for 12 months , is premised on the fact that it is more practical and will afford the humanitarian agencies involved enough time to plan and satisfactorily execute the mandate of this Council. We however are opened to further constructive engagements by the penholders with all delegations to reach a consensus text which may include a compromised duration nine months.

We do so conscious of the need for predictability of a mandate for the humanitarian agencies in their ever-challenging task of mobilizing funding for the increasing humanitarian needs in Syria. For the people of Syria their needs are to have access to the required assistance and both the cross-lines and the cross-border mechanisms are required to achieve that.
We conclude by reiterating our position that the humanitarian needs have become necessary because the international community has not worked enough to achieve a ‘truly nationwide ceasefire and a political solution that enables the Syrian people to determine’ the course of their future direction. That must be our priority

I thank you for your attention.