UN Security Council Meeting: Threats to International Peace and Security: Ukraine



Mr. President,
At the outset, I wish to thank USG Izumi Nakamitsu, the High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, for her briefing. We have also taken note of the contributions made by the civil society
representative. The Security Council is meeting for the third time in three days to discuss, once again, the war on Ukraine. While we note the continuing interest on the aggression against Ukraine, we are also seriously concerned that the meetings of this Council have not constructively supported diplomatic actions required in the immediate term at ending the hostilities and assisting the parties in finding a mutually acceptable, comprehensive and lasting solution to the conflict that lies between them.
As we have stated previously, and consistent with international law, the Charter of the United Nations, the decision of the International Court of Justice, and the resolutions of the 11th Emergency Session of the General Assembly, the invasion against Ukraine a sovereign member of this organization is unjustified. With the war showing little signs of abatement, and considering its unique circumstances, we believe it is important for the international community to devote all efforts towards finding a pacific solution to the conflict, but in a manner which also ensures that that there are no benefits accorded to parties whose ab initio actions are unacceptable under international law.
We must continue to work to remove the real risk of the conflict engulfing the whole European continent, leading to a generalized and widespread conflict with devastating consequences for all of humanity. We therefore call for the de-escalation of tensions and urge all relevant actors to conduct themselves in a manner that encourages confidencebuilding and fosters trust and reconciliation.
We note, with deep concern, the resumption of shelling near the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant despite the clear and looming risk that it presents to Ukraine and the world at large. We call for greater cooperation by the parties to re-align the status quo at the ZNPP to the pillars of nuclear safety and security outlined by the IAEA and re-iterate the call for the urgent delineation of a Safe Zone around the plant. Ghana encourages the sustained commitment of all parties and relevant actors to the Black Sea Grain Initiative to help bring critical food aid to
people in other parts of the world where famine conditions exist and populations, including children, lie at the brink starvation. Rising fuel prices are rapidly translating to elevated and
unprecedented cost of living standards, especially in developing countries. Increasingly, life is becoming unbearable and tensions appearto be festering among populations in the scramble for survival. We must therefore, work together to find sustainable solutions and prevent the worsening energy crises from degenerating into a global security crises.
Mr. President,
As noted by the Secretary-General in his statement on Tuesday, we need peace in Ukraine, peace, that is founded on nothing less than the norms and principles of international law and the Charter of the United Nations. Ghana stands firm in the conviction that only diplomacy and dialogue would avail the peaceful solution which the military engagements have so far failed to deliver. In concluding, I re-affirm Ghana’s continuing and unwavering support for the sovereignty, political independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine.
I thank you.