United Nations Security Council Meeting: Briefing on United Nations Interim Mission in Kosovo



Madam President,
I thank you for giving me the floor.
At the outset, let me acknowledge the presence of His Excellency Mr. Nikola Selaković, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia. I thank Ms. Caroline Ziadeh for her briefing and join other delegations in congratulating her on assuming duty as the Special Representative of the Secretary General and Head of the United Nations Interim Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK). SRSG, my delegation assures you of its cooperation and support during the period we shall be serving on the Council. I thank the Secretary-General for his comprehensive report on the implementation of the mandates of UNMIK in promoting peace and security in Kosovo and in the region, pursuant to the decision of this Council in its resolution 1244 (1999). I also thank the civil society briefer, Ms. Donika Gërvalla-Schwarz for her views shared with the Council.
Madam President,
Achieving a normalization of the situation in the autonomous province of Kosovo is necessary for the long-term peace, security and prosperity of the Western Balkan region and the wider European region. To this end, we encourage the resumption of constructive negotiations between the representatives of Serbia and Kosovo within the framework of the European Union facilitated dialogue and, urge the parties to work towards concrete progress on mutual understandings and previously reached agreements.
Ghana remains supportive of an open, transparent and inclusive process of dialogue, involving women, youth and all sectors of society to ensure the sustainability and durability of the agreements reached. We believe that further close cooperation between the sides is necessary to address the common challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the energy crises and the economy. That collaborative effort can however only rest on the foundations of stability and a firm respect for civil and political rights in the autonomous province
We also note the need to swiftly address the developing tensions arising from the conduct of the recently held elections and related issues of free movement, and further call for tolerance in dealing with incidents affecting religious and cultural sites. We encourage the leadership of both sides to refrain from rhetoric that could be inflammatory and actions that are unilateral to avoid the risk of escalation in a region whose security environment is presently in a state of fragility.
We welcome the work of UNMIK in building trust and social cohesion among the various communities, ethnic groups and institutions. We also commend the Mission’s support for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, especially those initiatives relating to gender-protection and empowerment, and youth peace and security. Such efforts remain key to promoting unity and forging peaceful relations among the people.
Finally, we encourage a unified approach by the Council and the international community in finding a lasting and comprehensive solution in Kosovo, in accordance with the fundamental principles of international law, the Charter of the United Nations and resolution 1244 (1999).
I thank you for the kind attention.