Statement at the Sixth Committee, 10th meeting of the 75th Session of the UNGA


Mr. Solomon Korbieh
Repertoire of the Legal Committee
Ghana Permanent Mission to the United Nations
New York City
October 23, 2020



Thank you, Mr. Chairman, for giving me the floor to make some remarks on agenda item 85 in my national capacity. Before proceeding, my delegation wishes to associate itself with the statements delivered by the distinguished delegates of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of South Africa on behalf of the NAM and the African Group respectively.

Furthermore, my delegation would like to join others in thanking the Chair of the Special Committee on the Charter of the United Nations and on the strengthening of the Role of the Organization for the report as contained document A/75/33.

We note, in particular, the reference to Ghana’s working paper on strengthening the relationship and cooperation between the United Nations and Regional arrangements or agencies in the peaceful settlement of disputes in paragraphs 42 to 45 of the report.


Mr. Chairman,

Following discussions held at the 2020 Session of the Special Committee of the Charter in February, my delegation took note of views expressed by some delegations on the fact that Ghana’s paper may be duplicative in view of existing legal frameworks and also that the revised draft paper on guidelines for the cooperation between the United Nations and Regional arrangements or agencies may have budgetary implications.

Mr. Chairman,

.  My delegation is, therefore, taking the floor to assure members of the Committee that it will submit revised draft guidelines taking into account the comments received from delegations during the February, 2020 deliberation for consideration during the next Session of the Charter Committee meeting.

In closing, I wish to convey my delegation’s appreciation to all delegations for the continuous support for our proposal.

I thank you.